Giving AI powered creativity to school kids

Exploring the limits of Al creativity, we will introduce Al tools like Mid Journey to school kids out of 25 schools in Zagreb.

The works of the future artists will be shown during our exhibition.

The future of art relies on the young

Starting this year Art Future is running a workshop in Al assisted  creative work for school teachers.

Our CTO Ivan Voras will work with teachers from 25 schools in Zagreb, showing them how to use various Al tools, and once they grasp the practical applications, it will be up to them to show it to the children and create pieces inspired by our “Is artificial intelligence emotionally intelligent?” theme. 

Our professional jury will select the best AR pieces for our exhibition.

The selection of works will be showing in Zagreb AND in the cities where young artists live and go to school.

Enjoy Art Future Today

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Showing from OCT 13 until NOV 12

Al artwork produced by school children on display all over Zagreb

Among the works of academic and awarded artists, this year we will be showing artwork by schoolkids, trained to use generative tools like MidJourney.

Results will be interesting.

You can see them all over Zagreb.

Showing from OCT 13 until NOV 12

Entry is free

Who Makes Art Future

A team of artists, technologists, and Zagreb location enthusiasts who see technology as an opportunity
for artists and audiences to connect.

Art Future is a joint venture of the Zagreb Tourist Board and Equinox Vision.

This exhibition is made possible by Equinox Vision AR platform

Created by a team of Croatian technologists and AR evangelist.